Ultravetis Zambia limited was incorporated in Zambia in March 2014. It is an importer and wholesaler of farm inputs. Situated in Lusaka province with physical address plot 18 Lillayi road Chilangi Lusaka. Ultravetis Zambia is a marketer of animal health products, hygiene, ultrachick (Rainbow rooster).


To be a leader in providing the most innovative agro-science technology to farmers.


To offer high quality agricultural inputs and animal nutrition products by working closely with agro-chemical companies, distributors and technical experts for maximum benefits to farmers.


Quality, Teamwork, Collegiality, Standards, Innovation, Dynamism, Transparency, Accountability, Integrity and Patriotism.

Our Services

To Ultravetis the customer is of paramount importance. As much we offer the best quality products, we also strive to provide in-depth knowledge of our product and animal diseases.To offer the farmer the solid support, Ultravetis aims to give after sales service of the highest possible quality.This we accomplish by organizing:

  1. Field days
  2. Dairy seminars
  3. Poultry seminars
  4. Farmers training
  5. Product Demos
  6. Farm Visits
  7. Professional Training

Product Portfolio

We have a wide range of products to cater for livestock and your home that include the following:

  1. Acaricides
  2. Dewormers
  3. Public Hygiene
  4. Antibiotics
  5. Nutritional supplements